The Phantom of the Opera

Today, I went to the Pantages Theater in Hollywood to watch The Phantom of the Opera.

I was already familiar with the musical because I watched the one on Broadway in NYC more than ten years ago when I was still just a child. I also remember watching the 2004 film version.

Now, I adore everything about this musical but what really stands out is the music.

Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius. His music is absolutely beautiful and it really touches my heart. His music, combined with Charles Hart’s lyrics, elevates the tragic plot of the musical on a level that is bound to make the audience feel all types of relatable emotions.

I love all the music but if I had to choose, my favorites are:

  • The theme song (obviously!)
  • “Think of Me”
  • “Music of the Night”
  • “Angel of Music”
  • “All I ask of You”

When I was in middle school, I was in show choir and we actually performed a few of these songs for a fall recital. Hence, watching the musical tonight definitely made me feel nostalgic.

I remember trying out for a solo for a part in “Music of the Night”. Unfortunately, I am not the best singer around so I did not get the part but I did put in my best effort! (and besides, I still had a great time singing the song in the choir as a group).

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