Gardens by the Bay

Do you love nature as much as you love the city?

You don’t have to choose one or the other anymore if you make your way over to Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

I was excited to see this attraction since I have truly never seen anything quite like it. I have never seen so much greenery presented in such unique ways before.

Honestly, I am not a very “outdoors-y” person but I do enjoy the sight of lush forestry and flowers from time to time… on my PC screen. Unfortunately, I do not particularly enjoy taking road trips or going camping and I definitely lack the will to venture off somewhere to admire nature’s scenery.


Mainly because I am terrified of insects.

This is why Gardens of the Bay was so enjoyable for me. I was able to see all types of flowers and trees– all indoors, with air-conditioning!

If you are a tourist who loves to take pictures, this place is perfect for you.

I really loved walking around the flower dome which is basically a huge greenhouse with themed gardens and all types of exotic plants.

Next, I went in to another structure called the ‘Cloud Forest’.

Behold, the most amazing indoor waterfall ever, which just happens to be the world’s tallest–

Trust me, you want to come to this place with your phones and cameras fully charged. Every corner is a beautiful photo ready to be taken.

Like this photo above. I wasn’t even attempting to take a nice photo but managed to capture a great snap of Lego Venus flytrap plants.

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