Welcome to my Singapore Blog Series!

Before July 2018 ( This is before Crazy Rich Asians, btw) , I knew nothing about Singapore. I have never been there before and any information regarding the country just never crossed my path.

As much as I don’t want to admit my lack of geography knowledge, I did not even know where it was on the map!

So, I didn’t really know what to expect when I booked my 10 day trip to Singapore in July 2018.

When I arrived at the airport, I was already impressed.

The contrast between LAX and Changi Airport is just… too obvious.

Since I just got off a red eye flight, I did not make the time to explore the airport and besides, everything was closed.

The moment the automatic doors that led outside opened, I felt a rush of extremely humid air. It really felt as if I just stepped in to a sauna.

Orchard Road

The first place I explored in Singapore is Orchard Road. In this moment, I did not know that this long stretch of shopping malls would become my absolute favorite place…ever!

The photo above is me at ion Orchard, which is one of the newer malls on Orchard Road. That mall is simply amazing– both inside and out.

First of all, the mall is absolutely HUGE. It really cannot be compared to the shopping malls in the United States. The structure and even its facilities are not comparable to what malls in the U.S. offer.

Just picture: Rodeo Drive– an indoors version, consisting of multiple levels + an endless array of restaurants, fast-casual dining, snacks, etc. to satisfy your hunger + lower-end shops + just anything you can possibly want to spend your money on.

Trust me, you just cannot get bored at ion Orchard. Once you step in, you just want to stay… (even if it’s just to enjoy the air conditioning– which is crucial in hot and humid Singapore).

Other than ion, Orchard Road is just a great place to start your Singapore experience. While walking along the immaculately clean streets, you can visit the numerous shopping malls and enjoy being a tourist. I’d also recommend that you definitely visit there at night. The LED lights are plentiful and spectacular.

Sometimes, there are street performers such as singers or magicians who provide free entertainment when you just want to warm up outside after all that chilly AC air.

For instance, you can watch a man trying to stay as motionless as he can for approximately… I don’t know how long.

When you are hungry, there are so many options to choose from, whether you want to dine at fancy Michelin-starred restaurants or have a fast, cheap, and tasty meal.

Everything that you miss from home, to something completely new that you have not encountered; it can all be found on Orchard Road.

2 thoughts on “Singapore?

  1. I visited Singapore in 2002, and thought it was an amazing place, full of such variety, and different cultures. It also had some of the best food I had ever eaten anywhere.
    Thanks very much for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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