Why “barbieamy” ?

barbieamy. What does it mean? Does it have something to do with Barbie dolls?

The answer is yes– but in a more sentimental way.

Nowadays, people perform various tasks with their computers. I mean, can you even imagine attempting to live without the Internet?

When I was a child ( which happens to be around the time when the Internet became a part of everyone’s lives and home computers began to pop up in people’s homes), I was faced with the task of making my first e-mail address. Naturally, I did what most kids do at that age:

Turn to my mother. (A luxury at the time — she passed away 3 years ago )

I did not know what I should choose for my e-mail address. The endless possibilities.

Then, my mom suggested:

“How about You love barbie dolls and your name is Amy, so…”

Nice one, mom.

I gleamed with excitement and made my first e-mail account. (Which no longer serves any purpose after getting hacked a couple years ago)– Does hotmail even exist, now?

The blog

Amy’s Written Thoughts/ Experiences/ Interests

Now, I am in my early 20’s, living in Los Angeles, and I decided to create my own blog.

Get to know me through my posts!

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